• Formal certificates for the computer-assisted proof of Theorem 2.1 in paper titled "Convex ternary quartics are sos-convex" (with Blekherman and Parrilo) 
    • Link to Colab file (no software download required)
  • Software for DSOS and SDSOS optimization, implemented in SPOTless (package by Megretski, Tobenkin, Permenter) with add-on by Anirudha Majumdar.
  • Code (written by my student Jeff Zhang) for approximation of Nash equilibria of bimatrix games via SDP:
    • nash.m computes an approximate Nash equilibrium.
    • nashbound.m gives a lower bound on the minimum of an input quadratic function over the set of Nash equilibria.
    • See related paper here for details.
  • Problem instances for our paper "Optimization over structured subsets of psd matrices via column generation" (with Sanjeeb Dash and Georgina Hall)
  • Formal certificates for computer assisted proofs of some of our papers:
    • Certificates for the paper "A Complete Characterization of the Gap between Convexity and SOS-Convexity"
      (Attachment below:
    • Rational SOS certificates for the paper "A Convex Polynomial that Is not SOS-Convex". 
      (Attachment below: rationalSOSconvex_not_sosconvex.m)
  • Data and code accompanying our paper on the joint spectral radius and path-complete Graph Lyapunov functions
    • Counterexamples associated with the Hasse diagram of Section 4
    • Code for the wavelet application (Example 5.8)
  • A MATLAB code for finding nonnegative polynomials that are not sums of squares using semidefinite programming. 
    (removed the file since the code needs some clean up, but email me if interested)
  • A few links to useful (and free!) software packages related to my research:
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