• Software for DSOS and SDSOS optimization, implemented in SPOTless (package by Megretski, Tobenkin, Permenter) with add-on by Anirudha Majumdar.
    •  Follow this link.
  • Code (written by my student Jeff Zhang) for approximation of Nash equilibria of bimatrix games via SDP:
    • nash.m computes an approximate Nash equilibrium.
    • nashbound.m gives a lower bound on the minimum of an input quadratic function over the set of Nash equilibria.
    • See related paper here for details.
  • Problem instances for our paper "Optimization over structured subsets of psd matrices via column generation" (with Sanjeeb Dash and Georgina Hall)
  • Formal certificates for computer assisted proofs of some of our papers:
    • Certificates for the paper "A Complete Characterization of the Gap between Convexity and SOS-Convexity"
      (Attachment below:
    • Rational SOS certificates for the paper "A Convex Polynomial that Is not SOS-Convex". 
      (Attachment below: rationalSOSconvex_not_sosconvex.m)
  • Data and code accompanying our paper on the joint spectral radius and path-complete Graph Lyapunov functions
    • Counterexamples associated with the Hasse diagram of Section 4
    • Code for the wavelet application (Example 5.8)
  • A MATLAB code for finding nonnegative polynomials that are not sums of squares using semidefinite programming. 
    (removed the file since the code needs some clean up, but email me if interested)
    What's it about nonnegative polynomials that are not sums of squares?
  • A few links to useful (and free!) software packages related to my research:
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